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La Leche League Leaders
La Leche League Leaders

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November's Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Difficulties

In LLL of Charleston our November meeting theme for all area meetings is "The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Difficulties".

Leaders and mothers always have excellent ideas to help mothers overcome roadblocks that may impede breastfeeding progress. Terms like "nursing strike" or mastitis may come up at meetings in November. Becoming informed is the best way to avoid those issues and keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Instead of resting and recovering, mothers who deliver babies in November and December often find themselves shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking, and entertaining. New mothers are especially vulnerable during the holiday season so this month is the perfect time to discuss these topics.

If you can, take time out to attend a LLL meeting and connect with other like-minded moms or moms-to-be. You can be sure to learn the delicate art of breastfeeding and hopefully avoid breastfeeding challenges this holiday season.

Please bring up any questions or concerns you have, even if they don't fit the topic!

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