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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tell SC to Support Mothers in the Workplace

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Tell SC to Support Mothers in the Workplace

Target: women, employers, mothers, workers, fathers, health professionals
Sponsored by: SC Breastfeeding Action Committee

Breastfeeding is the gold standard of infant feeding due to multiple health benefits to mother and baby. This method of feeding is endorsed by many professional groups including The World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the USDA, and many others. South Carolina has encouraged breastfeeding and acknowledged it as a public right.
Breastfeeding support at the workplace can positively impact the bottom line by lowering healthcare costs, enhancing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, improving employee satisfaction, increasing retention and improving corporate image.
The workforce is changing dramatically. More than 50% of adult women are in the workforce. Two-thirds of new employees will be women starting or returning to work. Seventy five % of working women become pregnant during their working lives.
The proposed legislation would include:
Employers with more than 25 employees must have a written policy supporting women who want to continue breastfeeding when returning to work.
For women who need to use a breast pump at work, employers must make reasonable efforts to provide a space for using the pump. The space must be clean, private, have adequate lighting, an electrical outlet, be near the employee's workspace and not be a bathroom. It should have access to a clean safe water source and a sink.
Employee must be allowed to pump on break time.
An employer shall not be liable for storage or refrigeration of breast milk, payment for break time in addition to established breaks or payment of overtime while a nursing mother uses the pump.
Employers will be recognized as mother-friendly work places.
An employer shall not discriminate against an employee who has elected to exercise her rights.

For more information see our recent blog post from December "Breastfeeding Law in South Carolina".

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