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La Leche League Leaders
La Leche League Leaders

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Abbott Recalls 5 Million Units of Similac

If you or someone you know is supplementing with Similac baby formula please read this information and pass it along.

‎5 million units of Similac are being recalled. The formula contains the beetles or their larvae. Watch babies for "symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat".

For more information please check out these links.

Similac Recall: Beetles Concern Prompts Infant Formula To Be Recalled

Abbott recalls beetle-tainted Similac baby formula

Abbott Voluntarily Recalls Certain Similac® Brand Powder Infant Formulas That Did Not Meet Its Quality Standards

If you are supplementing with formula, you may find this information from the World Health Organization helpful.

Safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula GUIDELINES

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