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Friday, December 3, 2010

Reasons to Wean? Or not?

As La Leche League Leaders we are often called or emailed when a mother has questions or concerns about weaning. We are hoping to discuss some of them at our Mt. Pleasant meeting this morning.

Here are a few of the most common ones.

Sometimes the mother and nursling will decide it is indeed time to wean. Other times the mother will find strategies or information to help her continue nursing her nursling and meet her breastfeeding goals.

• I have to have a medical procedure such as an MRI, X-ray, CAT scan, ultrasound, mammogram.

• I need to take a radioactive drink for a test in the hospital.

• My baby is sick and requires hospitalization.

• I need to be hospitalized due to an illness.

• I resent nursing all the time and want my body back!

• I want my child to eat more. The doctor advises that we wean to improve appetite.

• I need to get my baby on more of a schedule and nursing isn’t working into our schedule.

• The baby has a rash or colic and I think is allergic to my milk or something in my milk.

• I need to lose/gain weight or I am losing/gaining weight. I want to begin an exercise program or diet plan.

• I want to be able to have a drink of alcohol with dinner and to go out with friends and drink.

• I am getting a lot of pressure about weaning from my close relatives/friends/neighbors.

• I have a business or vacation trip planned in the near future.

• The dentist tells me that I must wean because nursing is causing cavities.

• My child is xyz weeks/months/years old so I think it is time to wean.

• I am having a surgical procedure or other medical procedure that requires anesthesia.

• I am going back to work or school soon and can’t or don’t want to pump while at work or school.

• My partner is jealous of nursing time and wants to spend more time with me.

• I am anxious about nursing in public at this age and the reaction of strangers.

• I need to take a medication so the doctor said I need to wean.

• My toddler is starting a new daycare/my child is starting preschool.

• My baby is teething, has teeth or has bitten or I am afraid will bite me!

• My pediatrician/friend/mother says I need to start solids because the baby weighs xyz.

• My friends who have babies have weaned by now. My sister weaned her children by this age. My mom or mother-in-law weaned her children by this age.

• My 6-9 month baby keeps getting distracted and seems to be self weaning.

• I feel like a human pacifier! I feel touched out.

• The baby suddenly refuses to nurse. Is this a nursing strike or is it time to wean?

• Nursing is taking up a lot of time in my life. I can’t get things done that I need to do.

• Nursing is not going well! I am in pain, I have mastitis/thrush/blisters/etc.

• I am trying to get pregnant and am concerned that I won’t have fertility.

• I am pregnant and am not sure if I should wean.

• What does “don’t offer, don’t refuse” mean? When can I start this?

• My child is a mamma’s boy/clingy girl, too shy.

• I am exhausted and need to sleep. Should I night wean or just stop nursing?

• I feel guilty that I enjoy nursing too much.

• I have to start a chemotherapy in the near future.

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