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La Leche League Leaders
La Leche League Leaders

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guidelines for Meetings

La Leche League of Charleston SC Meeting Guidelines:

La Leche League believes Mothers know their children best. There is no “La Leche League way”, only what works for your family. Attending an LLL meeting and seeing other mothers breastfeed their babies helps new and expectant mothers learn how to nurture their babies too. During meetings, LLL Leaders share their knowledge of breastfeeding, encourages others to share their experiences and helps clarify the La Leche League philosophy of mothering through breastfeeding.

Meetings are always free. We encourage membership but do not expect any new mom to join to come to meetings.

Any woman interested in learning about breastfeeding (students, nurses, birth class instructors, etc.) are welcome. Women are encouraged to begin attending meetings as soon as they know they are pregnant.

Children: Meeting children’s needs is a priority we all understand. If you are bringing multiple children, please consider bringing a few quite items for them to play with but also remind them they may have toddlers wanting to “share” their toys so you may not want to bring their favorite ones.

Illness: if you or your child have had fever, vomiting/diarrhea or severe cough in the past 24 hours, please join us for the next meeting. If you need immediate help, please call a Leader to speak over the phone or consider hiring an IBCLC to come to you.

Food: Allergies and intolerances are a real issue for our families. Any food brought in for your child or yourself may only be shared if it is handed to the mother to give to her own child. If any food you bring falls on the floor, please promptly attend to it so that we can avoid allergy or choking hazards.

LLL meetings are ideal for learning from and making friends with other mothers. Thank you for respecting these guidelines. They are for the protection and concern for all our members, especially our newest ones. We're looking forward to seeing you and your baby at a Group meeting!

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