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La Leche League Leaders

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Celebrate your baby's "NURSEIVERSARY" with a donation to your Local La Leche League Group!


La Leche League of Charleston, SC recently received an offer of a donation in honor of a sweet baby and mommy who have made it to their ONE YEAR nurseiversary and are going strong!  They are part of our on-line community Facebook group which has been a fun extension of our in-person meetings and gatherings.  She challenged US to raise $1,000 by asking families who have been supported by La Leche League of Charleston to donate in their child's honor and she will match up to $1,000!  She will proudly give her tax deductible donation in the sum of $1,000!!!!  We can't begin to thank her (and hopefully you too) enough!!   With the funds, we plan to work on updating our meetings, buy new hand outs, update Leader education and more!!  We have a large wish list and we would like to start working on these but we can't  do it without our communities support.  


Have you wondered how you can pay it forward and support your local La Leche League group?  You may have attended a Series Meeting.  You may be a part of a local Facebook support group as well.

La Leche League depends on the financial support of mothers who attend our meetings. Membership is expected after a mother has had a chance to decide if she wants to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Mothers who have paid $40 membership (or any amount you can) in the past have made it possible for La Leche League to be here for you. Please help La Leche League be there for the next mother.

Here are some things to consider:
  •   Unlike many other groups, La Leche League does not exist in order to raise money. We raise money in order to exist. 
  • LLL membership is a worthwhile investment! When you become a La Leche League member you join an organization that has supported breastfeeding mothers for more than almost 60 years!
  • You attend monthly meetings (in person and on-line) and enjoy the companionship of mothers with a similar mothering philosophy.
  • You receive a 10% discount on most items offered through the LLLI Catalogue.
  • We receive no outside funds. Leaders are volunteers; in fact, we also pay $75 yearly in dues. Your dues not only help our Group but also help La Leche League USA and LLL International reach out to families all over the world.
  • Think of membership as a $3.33 a month outing with your baby in an environment of supportive breastfeeding mothers where you receive the latest breastfeeding information and have access to great parenting and breastfeeding resources.
  • We think parents are more important than their money, although we need money in order to continue helping mothers. Financial alternatives to our one-year membership fee are available.  We love our volunteers who can help out in any way in person or on-line! Let us know how you’d like to help.
  • La Leche League, like water, is free. However it costs money to get it piped to you. We're here on a 24-hour-a-day basis piping breastfeeding information and support.
  • Become a member of La Leche League, one of the oldest women's self-help groups. Your membership brings two informative publications (NEW BEGINNINGS & BREASTFEEDING TODAY) into your home via email and ensures the continuance of LLL's work around the world, in South Carolina, and in our own Charleston County and Lowcountry area.

You may wonder why we ask for donations (tax deductible) and where the money will go? Our Leader "WISH LIST" includes all things used for the Group or given back to the families.  

·      Information hand outs (solids, weaning, sleep, pumping, milk storage) $6.95 per set for about 12 sets 
·      Information pamphlets (is baby getting enough, choosing breast pumps)
    Updated flyers and business cards to give to parents and doctors
·      Hands on models for use in meetings
    Diaper logs to pass out at meetings 
·      New books (for our LLL library and the community) *Sweet Sleep is $15 and WAB is $16 each and we need about 8-10 of them
·      Training courses for Leader education  (iLactatioin is $195)
·      Conferences to keep Leaders up to date and informed so they can inform you  (South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition this October)
·      Leader membership dues (Leaders typically pay $75 each but this can be cut down with your help when possible - for 9 that is $675 per year)
   Library book storage carts and caddy.  (we need 3-4 at $25 each)
   Maybe even advertising - we have never had the funds to put an add in the paper.  We would love to get the word out that we are here giving free support! 
·      *More ideas and of course big ones we’d like to do if we had the funds!!
The best way is to join through a local Group, so that funds will be available in YOUR vicinity to help mothers and babies.  With your membership, your local group can receive a small portion of the funds to be able to purchase new pamphlets, books and other resources for your Group. 

To join your local Group, sign up with a Leader at your next meeting.  If you can’t make another meeting soon, but are still interested you can simply email or call your local Leader.

$40 Regular Membership
$100 Sustaining Membership
All Membership levels includes a 10% discount in the LLLI Online Store

Scroll down on the right hand side and click the “buy now” or “donate” buttons…

 Thanks so much for your support!

 The Leaders of La Leche League of Charleston, SC
Beth, Brittan, Carissa, Hillary, Kimberly, Mandy, Marlea, Monica, Naomi & Scotty

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