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La Leche League Leaders
La Leche League Leaders

Monday, October 13, 2014

THANK YOU & Ways you can support your group without $$

We want to aLLL give a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our La Leche League September Nurseiversary Fun-drive.  A thank you goes especially to Meredith C. for your gracious donation and the idea to do a matching drive! 

We are always appreciative of your membership and donations which go directly to your Local Group when bought through your Local Group. 

Not everyone can afford membership and that is why attending meetings is and always will remain FREE. You have asked how you can take ownership of your Group and help out in different ways. 

You can still be a tremendous support by being active in your La Leche League Group perhaps by:
       Taking on a Group job, such as Librarian or Treasurer.
       Attending LLL Series Meetings and offering your experience are of enormous help to a new mother.
       Offering to host a Series Meeting or other meetings or playgroups.
       Helping to publicize your Group, distributing meeting notices to clinics, health offices, playgroups and local places that cater to new parents. 
       Helping to raise funds for your Group could help provide more leaflets, information sheets and books for your Group Library.
       Asking others to donate to your Local Group in honor of your child.
       Coordinating healthy snacks or drinks (at some locations).
       Word of mouth in our community to let other families know we are here for them as well.
       Donating your gently used copies of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or other La Leche League books to your Group so that they can be borrowed from your Group’s library.
       Talking to your health care team about the information and support you are discussing as a part of La Leche League.
       Send media outlets via email to have our meeting added in the 
'community calendar'.
       Greet Moms at meetings (or Dads at some locations) so that newcomers feel welcome too!
       Reach out to other moms and moms-to-be in our facebook group to encourage each other.
       What would you add??

Thanks again!! See you (and your little) at the next LLL meeting near you!!

Beth, Brittan, Carissa, Hillary, Kimberly, Marlea, Monica, Naomi & Scotty

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